Digital Signage & Interactive Video

Using solid-state HD video controllers along with a monitor or projector, we can provide you with a looping or interactive digital display that will enhance the customer experience. These work great in a wide variety of spaces including retail displays, kiosks, exhibits, themed attractions, and much more. Some of the great features available include:

  • Affordable pricing compared to most digital sign controllers
  • Full HD video and image quality
  • Multi-zone screen layouts with video, images, and tickers
  • High reliability with a non-pc solid-state platform
  • Looping video and images with audio
  • Interactivity using buttons, motion sensors, touch screens, and more
  • Track usage date to analyze sign effectiveness
  • Synchronize multiple controllers to create a video wall
  • Remote content updates possible through your network

Through one of our partner companies, we can help you with a custom themed display and add more interactivity with special effects like lighting, wind, water, fog, and simulations to take your customer to another level of reality! Contact us to find out more and to discuss your ideas.

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