Creating A Graduation Video For Your School

We offer 2 ways to set up and distribute graduation videos depending on the and amount of money and/or effort you want to invest:

1. Parents Buy Copies From The Perfect Image

  • No cost to your school
  • We professionally shoot & edit the graduation, then accept orders from the parents or students
  • Your school would distribute order forms via classrooms and emailing parents
  • We help your school's image with little effort or risk on your school's part

2. School Pays For Video And Sells DVD's To Parents

  • We professionally shoot & edit a graduation DVD or Blu-ray Disc for the school for a nominal price
  • Your school can also choose between one or two camera shoots
  • For a separate price we can duplicate discs and cases or can be done through another company of school's preference
  • Your school distrubes, sells, and collects all profits from video sales

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The Perfect Image of St. Louis has been capturing private school graduations for almost a decade now and we can create a
memorable video for your school too! You're investing so much into a child's future and development, so why not capture the
celebration of their achievements for their parents to cherish forever?
Check out these samples:
Contact Us  today to check our availability and pricing for your event or if you
would like to purchase a copy of an existing graduation!
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Current Graduation Videos Available for Purchase