Wood is one of man's oldest materials and yet one of the most modern. Made from
Missouri found, reclaimed, or rescued wood, we like to let nature use its magical touch
to inspire one of a kind, long-lasting, functional pieces of art. In a world filled with plastic
and artificial materials, we invite you to bring wood's natural beauty into your home and
work environment . . . so you can connect back to
your roots. Sorry, pun intended!
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We can create you almost anything . . . you are only limited by your imagination! Use these
galleries to inspire your imagination or let us know your idea.
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we'll give you a quote! Concept sketches and mock-up photos available with larger projects.
Enjoy these collections of my past work. Please visit our Etsy Shop or contact us to
see what is currently available for purchase.
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St. Louis, MO
Columbus, OH
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